Tailored workshops on storytelling in science communication, writing or podcasting. Available in person or online.


Writing Great Science Stories

Humans are wired to respond to narratives. Just because scientific research and concepts are rooted in data and experimental results, doesn’t mean they lack engaging stories. In this 8 hour (2 half days or 1 full day) workshop students learn the elements of a good story, story structure and how to use these to connect with different audiences. They will learn basic writing tips to help them write concise, clear, entertaining pieces that avoid jargon and other common mistakes found in academic writing. Importantly, this workshop is hands on and students will practice writing narrative pieces about their work. Email me for more details and to discuss how we can best adapt this workshop for your group.

Tailored Workshops on Science Communication, Media Training, Writing and more..

Starting in academia and moving into science communication and journalism gives me a unique insight into both worlds. With this I can design tailored workshops that address issues like, where academics fail in their science communication efforts or what journalists are looking for in an interview and how to not get misquoted. Contact me and let’s work together to find how my skill set can best benefit your group.

Podcasting Training

Podcasting is one of the fastest growing mediums for telling stories. If you, your research group or business are looking to make a podcast I’m here to help. I offer workshops aimed at researchers, undergrads and graduate students. These 8 hour (2 half days or 1 full day) workshops teach the basics of storytelling, identifying and audience and format as well as the technical skills of recording, editing and hosting a podcast. Email me for more details and to discuss how we can best adapt this course for your group. I also offer consulting, recording and editing services at an hourly rate.


Brad was very engaging and the interaction aspect of the workshop is always appreciated especially when it is online. Brad used real-life examples that impressed upon me the importance of a compelling narrative for effective science communication.

-Affan S.

This workshop was super interesting and very insightful in the making of a great story with great examples and ideas on how to apply to science in particular. Looking to launch a podcast and this workshop definitively gave me a bit more confidence and practical ideas on how to go about talking about science!

– Eléonore C.

I liked that Brad had a lot of research into a topic that doesn’t seem like there’s a lot of empirical research on. He clearly reads a lot and is familiar with science behind science communication. This was balanced with mainstream approaches, like how he used the phrase “hot take” in his talk. I think he was very well versed and was able to communicate really well about communication.

– Sarah H.

Contact me for more info or to discuss a tailored workshop for your group.

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